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25 Best Souvenirs From Canada To Bring Back Home

I was born in Canada and have spent most of my life living in the “Great White North.”

And, it doesn’t matter if I’m living in Dubai or Medellin, I always encounter some fun and quirky Canadian stereotypes while abroad.

The fact is Canada is known for lot of things, ranging from maple syrup to beaver hats.

So, if you’re visiting Canada and want to bring back an iconic Canadian souvenir for your friends and family, you’re in luck.

This post is covering 25 of the best Canadian souvenirs to help you find the perfect gift.

Let’s get to it.

The Best Canadian Souvenirs For The Perfect Gift

Many typical Canadian souvenirs can be found at Canadian airports or museum gift shops.

You can also find many souvenirs in places like Ottawa, our capital city, or in touristy areas of major cities like Montreal and Toronto.

Set a budget, decide how much you can pack, and then dive into this list of souvenirs to buy in canada

1. Authentic Maple Syrup

It wouldn’t be a true list of Canadian souvenirs without mentioning maple syrup.


Authentic maple syrup from Quebec or other regions of Canada that produce it is one of the most authentically-Canadian gifts you can get.

Ideally, go for the good stuff you find in glass bottles. But don’t worry if you can only buy some maple syrup that comes in a plastic jug.

Any authentic maple syrup from Canada will do; although my favorite comes from Quebec!

2. Roots Clothing

Roots is a classic Canadian brand that began in 1973.

Back then, the company mostly sold footwear. But these days, Roots is known for selling all sorts of comfy clothing and cool accessories like:

  • High-quality handbags
  • Mittens
  • Socks
  • Sweaters
  • Sweatpants
  • Winter hats and scarfs


The iconic beaver Roots logo is what really makes the brand so well-known. And, while its on the pricier side, Roots is definitely high-quality and very comfortable.

My tip is to pick up a classic Roots sweater or pair of Canadian socks or mittens!

3. A Dreamcatcher

If you know your history, you’ll know that indigenous tribes are a massive part of Canada’s history.

In this sense, we’re sort of similar to the United States; we came from Europe, fought a lot, eventually colonized the continent, and ended up where we are today.

It’s actually a contentious issue in Canada to this day. Many Canadians feel the government’s treatment of indigenous tribes has been unjust over the past 100+ years.

I’m just giving you a heads up so you know things aren’t all hunkey dorey over here.

But that said, there’s no denying indigenous artwork, clothing, and artifacts are now a commercialized and popular category of Canadian souvenirs.

Out of all these possible souvenirs, a Native American dreamcatcher is also one of the most common gift ideas.


Dreamcatchers were originally placed over a cradle or bed to protect a child or the person sleeping.

These days, you’re probably more likely to find a dreamcatcher in a hippie’s college dorm room than anywhere else, but hey, that’s the souvenir business for you.

4. Moccasins 

Another Native American-themed Canadian souvenir you can consider buying are a nice pair of moccasins.

A comfy pair of moccasins is actually an awesome gift because they make for excellent house slippers.

You can usually find dreamcatchers, moccasins, and other similar gifts in museum gift shops; especially if it’s a museum about Canada’s history.

Roots also sells moccasin-style footwear in some locations.

5. A Canadian Coffee Mug

If you want a simple yet effective Canadian souvenir, you can’t go wrong with a coffee mug.

Canadian-coffee-mugThere are lots of classic Canadian mugs you can get as well. Here are some themes to look for!

  • Beavers
  • Hockey
  • Moose
  • Winter

6. Anything From Tim Hortons

Tim Horton’s is one of the most recognizable Canadian fast food chains, and it holds a special place in a lot of Canadians hearts.

I’m not kidding; people lose their minds over this stuff.

Canadians on their way to Tim Hortons in the morning.

Now, as a former Starbucks employee and coffee elitist, I like Tim Hortons but don’t share my brethren’s fervor for the company.

That said, anything from Tim Horton’s makes for a perfect souvenir from Canada.

You can buy ground coffee for starters, but Tims also sells mugs, thermoses, and even Christmas decorations and other gifts during Christmas time.

7. Aboriginal Artwork

Another popular Canadian souvenir is aboriginal artwork.

Usually, this artwork depicts nature scenes or scenes involving animals. Like the other similar gifts, you can likely find some artwork in gift shops or museums across the country.

However, some Canadian art galleries or art shows also feature work from Aboriginal artists you can look for as well.

8. Canadian Whiskey

While not as iconic as maple syrup, Canada is actually very well-known for its whisky.

This is largely because Canadian distilleries blend their whisky and add rye grains as well. Overall, you get more variety of whisky flavors, and some people think Canadian whisky is smoother than other types as well.

I’m not sure how much of this is true, but there’s no denying whisky fans usually enjoy Canadian whisky.

Some popular Canadian whisky brands you should look for include:

  • Canadian Club 100% Rye
  • Caribou Crossing
  • Crown Royal (this is probably the most iconic Canadian one)
  • Forty Creek

Canadian-whiskeyJust make sure you buy this from a nearby liquor store to avoid overpaying at the airport!

9. Ketchup Chips

Ketchup chips are one of the best cheap Canadian souvenirs you can possibly get.

I didn’t even realize this fact until recently, but Ketchup Chips are exclusively Canadian!

So, if there’s a ketchup fiend in your life, be sure to pick up a few bags of our chips before returning home.

10. Ice Wine

Ice wine is a dessert wine that’s made with grapes that are harvested while still being frozen on the vine.

The result is a very sweet wine that’s a nice way to polish off a heavy meal.

Canada isn’t the only country in the world that makes ice wine, but it definitely boasts some of the best ice wine out there.

This is because Canada has a lot of wine country and actually takes wine pretty seriously, which might surprise you!

So, if there’s a wine aficionado in your family, this is one of the best Canadian souvenirs you can get.

11. Anything Else Involving Maple Syrup

Maple syrup in a bottle is one classic Canadian souvenir, but it’s far from your only option.

Maple suckers and other candy are also great Canadian souvenir ideas you can use.

And, maple-flavored toffee or sugar cookies are also extremely Canadian and extremely tasty.

12. A Beaver Hat

A beaver hat, while one interesting fashion statement, is another popular Canadian souvenir you can buy.

Beavers have a special place in Canada’s identity because the fur trade was such an important industry throughout Canadian history.

You can find authentic hats on websites like Crown Cap, although you can probably find cheaper ones in gift shops across the country.


While these hats can be on the pricier side and aren’t always very functional, you can likely find them in Canadian gift shops (especially ones in Quebec or Ottawa.)

13. Inukshuks

Inukshuks are artistic structures made out of rocks that are stacked on top of one another.

InukshukThis is another Native tradition that stretches back far in history since Inukshuks used to be used to help mark certain landmarks.

You can buy mini inukshuks in most gift shops, and they make for fun and unique tableside ornaments.

14. Cheese Curds

Cheese curds are a critical element in poutine, a French-Canadian dish that consists of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

Poutine is awesome, but it’s the quality (and quantity) of cheese curds that truly makes a poutine in my opinion.

So, if you’re driving back to the United States, cheese curds are one of the best souvenirs from Canada to the US you can find because they’ll keep.

15. Anything Relating To Hockey

While it might surprise you, the national sport of Canada is lacrosse, not hockey.

That said, Canadians love their hockey and teams, so anything hockey related is an excellent souvenir from Canada.

Jerseys, sticks, pucks, and other merchandise are all fair game, so get creative!

16. Molson Canadian Beer

Molson Canadian is one of the most iconic beers in Canada, and the Molson brewery actually began in 1786.

Now, Molson Canadian isn’t anything special; it’s just a cheap, light beer that’s tasty and a staple at bars and in college dorms.


But, it’s an authentically Canadian beer that’s a great souvenir for the beer fan in your life.

17. A Stuffed Moose Plushie

If you have young ones at home, a moose stuffed animal is other typical Canadian souvenir you can buy.

The same is true for beaver plushies, polar bear plushies, or any classic Canadian animal.


Many of these souvenirs are dressed up as Mounties, which are our Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

18. Canadian Toonies & Loonies

Toonies and loonies are two words people from Canada always find funny in my experience.

But hey, this is our official currency we’re talking about here, and it makes for a great Canadian souvenir!

Toonies are the silver ones!

Toonies are our $2 coin and loonies are, you guessed it, our $1 coin.

Toonies are larger and have a polar bear on them while loonies have a Canadian loon.

19. Smoked Salmon

Salmon is another very important animal in Canadian history. This is because it was a crucial source of protein for early settlers and the fur traders.

So, unsurprisingly, salmon is quite popular in certain parts of Canada, especially in Quebec and the maritime provinces.

Some areas are known for having excellent smoked salmon as well, so this is another great Canadian souvenir; provided you can transport it home.

20. Hudson Bay Merchandise

Hudson’s Bay is a Canadian retailer that sells more luxurious goods like handbags, men and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

This is also another famous Canadian company since it originally began during the fur trade and has dealt with furs for a large part of its history.


In fact, this is one of the oldest corporations in the world, and it’s a fascinating company to read up on.

Anyway, if you’re looking for some classy Canadian souvenirs, you can definitely find the perfect gift at the Hudson’s Bay.

21. Niagara Falls Souvenirs

There’s no denying that you have to see Niagara Falls if you come to Ontario.

This waterfall sits on the border between Canada and The United States, and it attracts millions of tourists every single year.


Hiking by the falls or taking boat rides around the water is truly an amazing experience, so if you visit, be sure to bring your camera!

You can also pick up some souvenirs of the falls or other Canadian gift ideas in town since the area is very touristy.

22. Ottawa Souvenirs

Our capital city is one of my favorite cities in all of Canada. And, Ottawa also has plenty of unique Canadian souvenir ideas to go around.


The sheer number of museums in the city means you can find lots of great gifts for people as you sightsee.

Plus, you can always get gifts like miniature replicas of our iconic Parliament building!

23. Canadian Flag Gifts

If you want a simple souvenir from Canada, you can always get something that involves our flag.

Our beautiful flag boasts a maple leaf, which isn’t too surprising when you consider how important maple syrup is.

So, look for t-shirts, sweaters, mugs, or other gifts with Canadian flags on them.

24. Canadian Candy

Canada isn’t known for its cool candy quite like America or the UK are.

However, if you’re still wondering what souvenirs to buy in Canada, your best bet might be to check the candy aisle.

There are several popular Canadian candies and chocolates you can bring back home, including:

  • Coffee Crisp (my personal favorite)
  • Big Turk
  • Eat More
  • Aero Bar
  • Smarties
  • Maltesers (these are also great)


25. A Snow Globe

Winter is a massive part of life in Canada, and so anything relating to winter or Christmas is another excellent souvenir from Canada.

Personally, I think Canadian snow globes are the perfect candidate here, especially if you’re visiting during the winter season.

You can also look for Christmas ornaments or any other gift that relates to winter activities.

Final Thoughts

I hope this list of the best Canadian souvenirs helps you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones back home.

I think my country has a very rich history and some truly beautiful nature and landmarks.

Hopefully, you get to experience some of this beauty and history for yourself and can even bring a part of it back home.

Thanks for reading!

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