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12+ Best Daytona Beach Bars & Clubs – The Complete Guide For Tourists

I’ve lived in Ormond Beach and around Daytona, on and off, for over a year at this point.

The Daytona Beach area was where I headed for my first stint at trying the location independent lifestyle.

It’s also where I spent a few months living with one of my best friends, during which time we explored plenty of what Daytona Beach nightlife has to offer.

So, if you’re looking for the best Daytona Beach bars and clubs because you’re vacationing in town or moved here, you’re in luck!

I’ve been to plenty of bars and clubs in Daytona Beach, so this is my official guide on the best Daytona Beach nightlife spots to ensure you have a good time.

Let’s get to it!

The Best Daytona Beach Bars

If you’re hoping for a fun night out in Daytona Beach and want to head to a bar, you’re in luck!

This town has plenty of them, many of which have some pretty unique vibes you don’t find in your average city.

1. Froggy’s Saloon

In my opinion, Froggy’s Saloon is the best Daytona Beach bar there is if you’re looking for a biker bar experience.

Located right on Main Street in Daytona Beach, this biker bar has it all; cheap beer, pool tables, and an authentic atmosphere that’s loved by locals and tourists alike.

My friend and I actually spent some time at Froggy’s Saloon playing pool, and we were even there on American Thanksgiving, during which time the bartenders and patrons had a full-on Thanksgiving feast! They even brought out a Turkey!

But festivities aside, Froggy’s has something going on every night, be it ladies night, men’s night, discount drinks, or some other special event.

The bottom line is that Froggy’s Saloon is one of the best bars in Daytona Beach if you want to have some fun at a biker bar.

  • Best For: Cheap beer and pool.
  • Address: 800 Main Street, Daytona Beach.

2. Coyote Ugly

I remember the first time I went to Coyote Ugly. My friend and I had just moved to Daytona Beach and it was the first Friday night so we decided to go out.

Let me tell you: this bar is exactly what you think it would be like if you’ve seen the classic film Coyote Ugly.

This Daytona Beach bar has it all; cheap drinks, bartenders and girls dancing on the bar, line dancing, and an honestly absurd atmosphere.

If you’re lucky, the bartenders even whip out the American Flag at midnight and play “God Bless America.” It’s frankly an amazing time.

Now, Coyote Ugly admittedly has a bit of a “boys night out” vibe, and there’s your share of weird dudes who just sit at the bar all night and watch girls dance.

But, the staff are all very nice and there are lots of locals and tourists as well you can mingle with. Plus, Coyote Ugly is joined with Taproom, where you can play pool and dance to some club music rather than country.

  • Best For: A party country bar and dancing.
  • Address: 512 Seabreeze Boulevard, Daytona Beach.

3. The Oyster Pub

The Oyster Pub is one of the most popular Daytona Beach pubs, and it’s been in business since 1979.

Located right on Seabreeze Boulevard, The Oyster Pub is also right in the action.

Personally, I think it’s one of the best Daytona Beach bars to start your night out and to then move onto somewhere that’s a bit more of a party.

That said, you can still have a great time at The Oyster Pub. There’s awesome food, like chargrilled oysters, and the beers and drinks are reasonably priced.

There’s also tons of flatscreen TVs where you can watch the sports game of the evening, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s even an arcade room as well.

The place has a lot going on, so if you head out with a group of friends, you’re bound to have some fun.

  • Best For: Watching sports and playing arcade games while having some drinks.
  • Address: 555 Seabreeze Boulevard, Daytona Beach.

4. Dirty Harry’s Pub

I know I said Froggy’s Saloon was the best Daytona Beach bar if you want a biker bar experience, but that was probably a bit of a lie.

As much as I like Froggy’s, Dirty Harry’s Pub is probably where you should go if you want that biker bar feel right on Main Street Daytona Beach.

You almost always see bikes parked out front, and during Biketoberfest or Bike Week, the place is absolutely packed.

However, there’s still plenty to do during other times of the year, and Dirty Harry’s has weekly events like pool nights, Texas Hold’em tournaments, and DJ or karaoke nights.

There’s also daily specials and the beers aren’t too overpriced.

  • Best For: An authentic biker bar experience.
  • Address: 705 Main Street, Daytona Beach.

5. Joe’s Crab Shack

If you’re looking for a chill night and an amazing view, Joe’s Crab Shack is one of the best Daytona Beach bars you can go to.

Joe’s Crab Shack is located right at the end of the Daytona Beach boardwalk and pier. This means you get an incredible view of the ocean, waves breaking on the beach, and Daytona Beach when you head upstairs for a drink.

Like the name suggests, Joe’s Crab Shack also has plenty of seafood, and you can order other food as well that’s decent.

Personally, I go there for drinks and a view, and there’s usually a happy hour or some special you can take advantage of.

Plus, there’s even a nice fire pit area and seats where you can get a bit cozy with a group. Overall, this is one of my favorite Daytona Beach bars for just having a drink and watching the waves.

  • Best For: Seafood and drinks with an amazing view.
  • Address: 1200 Main Street, Daytona Beach.

6. Robbie O’Connell’s Pub

Another popular pub in Daytona Beach is Robbie O’Connell’s Pub. This Irish pub offers what you’d expect: decent food, lots of beer, and several bar games like shuffleboard to entertain yourself.

Robbie O’Connell’s is located right on Seabreeze so you’re also right in the action. This makes it a great pub to begin your night with if you’re looking to bar-hop around the Seabreeze area.

  • Best For: An Irish pub experience.
  • Address: 550 Seabreeze Boulevard, Daytona Beach.

7. Ocean Deck Restaurant & Beach Club

The Ocean Deck Restaurant & Beach Club has been around since the 40s, making this one of the older bars in Daytona Beach.

If you want a view of the ocean, this three-story restaurant and bar is one of the best places you can go.

Plus, there’s usually live music or some sort of special going on, and it’s the perfect place to grab a drink and watch the beautiful waves roll in.

In my opinion, Ocean Deck Restaurant and Joe’s Crab Shack are two of the best places for this sort of casual pint in Daytona.

  • Best For: Live music and drinks right on the beach.
  • Address: 127 South Ocean Avenue, Daytona Beach.

8. Oasis Tiki Bar & Grill

Another beachside bar in Daytona Beach that’s worth visiting is the Oasis Tiki Bar.

Like the name suggests, this Tiki Bar is festive and fun, with indoor and outdoor seating for you to enjoy.

It’s located right on Atlantic Avenue so you’re right by the beach. Expect some decent bar food and snacks, cheap drinks, and an overall nice atmosphere.

Live music is also pretty common at the Oasis Tiki Bar, and overall, I’d add this to your list of places to grab a drink if you’re on vacation in the area.

  • Best For: A chill tiki bar setting and decent cocktails/drinks.
  • Address: 313 South Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach.

The Best Daytona Beach Clubs

Now that you know which bars to go to in Daytona Beach, it’s time to cover the best clubs in Daytona Beach.

Historically, Daytona Beach nightlife has always been wild. And while the town isn’t as crazy as it used to be, there are still plenty of nightclubs you can go to for a party.

1. 509

509 is a nightclub that’s located right on Seabreeze, and it’s actually across the street from Coyote Ugly.

This is probably my favorite Daytona Beach club because it’s a cool venue. You can drink and dance outside or inside the bar, and there’s also a second floor terrace that’s sometimes open.

As for the music, you’re getting top 40 mixes, house, and rap. The place is usually pretty lively, and if you’re looking for a club experience, it’s the best place you can be at Seabreeze.

Besides, if you get a little tired, you can always head across the street to Coyote Ugly for a change of vibe.

  • Best For: If you want to go clubbing.
  • Address: 509 Seabreeze Boulevard, Daytona Beach.

2. Razzles

Razzles is one of the most iconic clubs in Daytona Beach, and has been around for over 3 decades at this point.

Honestly, Razzles is a bit of a husk of its former self at this point. The place is almost empty some nights, with much of the crowd going to 509 and Coyote Ugly’s instead.

However, some nights Razzles is packed, and with an enormous dancing area and several pool tables, there’s plenty to do.

You also get a red solo cup and free drinks until 11, which is honestly pretty fantastic if you ask me.

  • Best For: Free drinks and an honestly hilarious time.
  • Address: 611 Seabreeze Boulevard, Daytona Beach.

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3. Rockin’ Ranch Nightclub

In my opinion, Ugly Coyote is the most fun country bar in Daytona Beach, and that’s where most people go out.

However, Rockin’ Ranch Nightclub is another popular club, and even though it’s a little bit out of the way, it definitely deserves a spot on our list.

Thursdays is Latin music night which is pretty random but cool. Friday and Saturdays are for country music, and this is when the club is at its busiest.

Drink specials are pretty common, and you should also check out the Rockin’ Ranch website since country artists sometimes play at the joint.

  • Best For: A less wild country bar alternative to Coyote Ugly and live music.
  • Address: 801 South Nova Road, Ormond Beach.

4. The Bank & Blues Club

Let me start out by saying that The Bank & Blues Club is a very cool venue. The building was formerly a bank and was built in the 1920s. These days, Bank & Blues calls itself “Daytona’s own hard-rockn’ kick-ass nightclub.”

The Bank & Blues Club is right on Main Street which is where Bike Week and Biketoberfest happen, so you’re right in the heart of the action.

Band and artist play at this club all the time, and it’s a bit less of a wild time than going to some of the other Daytona Beach nightclubs.

  • Best For: Live music and a cool venue.
  • Address: 701 Main Street, Daytona Beach.

5. Grandview Live

Grandview Live is a gentleman’s club in Daytona Beach, which might sound strange since this is an article on the best bars and clubs.

However, a lot of people end up here at the end of the night, so it’s almost like the after-party spot after you go to clubs like 509 or Razzles.

Grandview Live is what you’d expect; there’s dancing, dim lights, and drinking going on. Nothing crazy to write home about, but hey, this is a Daytona Beach right of passage in a sense.

  • Best For: After parties following a night on Seabreeze.
  • Address: 640 North Grandview Avenue, Daytona Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Do People Party In Daytona?

Most people party on Seabreeze in Daytona since this is where clubs like 509, Coyote Ugly, Razzles, and Grandview Live are. Many people also drink at the hotels or along Main Street at the various bars in the area.

2. Is Daytona A Good Party Beach?

Historically, Daytona Beach has been a popular place for tourists and Florida locals looking to party. This is especially true during Spring Break or events like Bikeweek and Biketoberfest. The town isn’t as busy as it used to be, but this is certainly still a beach town with a party vibe.

Final Thoughts

I hope our list of the best Daytona Beach bars and clubs helps you have as much fun as possible during your time here.

Honestly, there are so many fun things to do in Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas. And realistically, if you’re ever bored you can just grab a few drinks and have yourself a beach day!

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