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About A Traveling Tom

There’s no denying that the world is becoming increasingly digital and remote.

So, if you want to work remotely, try out the digital nomad lifestyle, and explore the world, there’s never been a better time in human history to do so.

I’ve been living the digital nomad lifestyle for a few years, and while I still have a lot of the world to explore, I’ve always wanted to start a travel blog to share my experiences with others.

I also learned a lot over the course of quitting my day-job, becoming a full-time freelance writer and blogger, and filming and writing content as I explore different parts of the world.

So, if you want to learn more about the digital nomad lifestyle as well as some of my favorite travel destinations, I hope you stick around and explore the site.

About Tom – The Blogger Behind The Site

Hey, my name is Tom, thanks for stopping by!


I’m a 25 year old blogger, YouTuber, and freelance writer originally from Ontario, Canada.

These days, I spend some of the year around my hometown of Guelph, Ontario.

I also spend a lot of time on the road, living out of a backpack, crashing in various Airbnbs, and exploring new cities and countries around the world.

I’ve been working remotely and been completely location independent since 2019.

In short, I think I’m an occasional digital nomad; I like to spend months of the year on the road, but I also like to have a home base!

Becoming A Digital Nomad & Starting A Traveling Tom

I’ve always been a big travel fan, so after trudging through a four year psychology degree and getting a desk job at an advertising agency in my college town, I felt like I had hit a wall.

The idea of spending everyday trapped in an office, only to live for the short weekends and occasional vacation, started to feel like a living nightmare.

Overtime, I began resenting going into work, lost interest in my day job, and I knew I needed to make a change…something I’m sure many people can relate to!

Anyways, at the time, I was trying to grow a freelance writing side hustle after-hours when I came home from work.

I was also growing my personal finance blog, This Online World, which helps people start side hustles and learn how to make money online.

After about a year and a half at my advertising agency, I knew enough was enough: it was time to go all-in on freelance writing and blogging and to make the jump to digital nomadism.

A one-way ticket to Medellin, Colombia later and boom, I was trying the digital nomad lifestyle for the first time and had gone down the rabbit hole.

Medellin, Colombia. This is when I quit my job and took the leap as a digital nomad!

And let me tell you, once you go down the rabbit hole, there’s no going back!

But all of that was a few years ago, and I’m very fortunate and lucky to have grown my blog, YouTube channel, and freelance writing career to a point where it lets me travel full-time and work for myself.

Since Colombia, I’ve spent time living in a Florida beach town, crashed at an Airbnb in downtown Montreal, and lived in Dubai for a few months (and even went skydiving!)

A snapshot from a recent adventure.

There are still plenty of other travel destinations on my list that are coming soon as well, and I’m always itching to hit the road again to take off on a new adventure.

What You’ll Find On This Blog

I love the feeling of moving somewhere new and exploring how people live in different parts of the world.

And, I can honestly say that becoming location independent and trying the digital nomad lifestyle has completely changed my life and its trajectory.

I also think I’ve learned a few useful tips during my time living out of a backpack and working out of random cafes around the world.

So, here’s what I hope you’ll take away from reading A Traveling Tom:

  • Honest advice on how to become a digital nomad and the realities of this lifestyle
  • Fun travel guides to help you make the most out of my favorite countries and cities
  • Various travel tips to help you stay safe and organized when visiting somewhere new
  • Guides on how to sustain your travel plans, earn an income while traveling, and become more location independent
The Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

If this sounds like the sort of content that’s valuable, I’d love it if you could stick around.

I truly think that travel can change your life, and the community of nomads and fellow travel bugs is also a very giving, kind one.

It’s my ultimate hope that A Traveling Tom helps share a bit of this experience with you and helps you realize some of it for yourself as well.

Sometimes it just takes a leap of faith to completely change your life or perspective, and maybe this blog can help you get there!

Thank you all for reading and for your support.


A Traveling Tom

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